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Think Big they say; so, I have.

My Goodwill was worth nz$880 million, not long ago. Not just once either.

Now raising the starting capital, via 808 franchises, during a 48 hour event in 2024.

Any Green-Brands, Philanthropists, NGO's, Clubs, Teams, Schools, Govt. Dept. , countries, cities, Mayors and Leaders with a social responsible heart,

or even local & global celebrities; if you play your cards right, this may not cost you any money.


Planning this Next one for 2024,

2 x 24 hours, February 29th


marcel pizza bonzai .JPG

Some of the dot coms and see if you can get your head around these:

Who gives a flying flag .com

Sign your name across my heart

Clothing ceremony

the snow globe stadium


rug beach soccer stadium

Plastic von hemp

Ministry of smiles

Mururoa Hotel

Spaceship win a prize

The biggest team on earth

,,,and more.

My house greymouth on the hill .jpg
Screenshot_2021-01-20 Lady Gaga ( ladygaga) Twitter.png
Screenshot_2021-01-20 Jacinda Ardern ( jacindaardern) Twitter.png
Screenshot_2021-01-20 Barack Obama ( BarackObama) Twitter.png
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