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Think Big they say; so, I have.

My Goodwill was worth nz$880 million, not long ago. Not just once either.

Now raising the starting capital, via 808 franchises, during a 48 hour event in 2024.

Any Green-Brands, Philanthropists, NGO's, Clubs, Teams, Schools, Govt. Dept. , countries, cities, Mayors and Leaders with a social responsible heart,

or even local & global celebrities; if you play your cards right, this may not cost you any money.


Planning this Next one for 2024,

2 x 24 hours, February 29th


marcel pizza bonzai .JPG

Some of the dot coms and see if you can get your head around these:

Who gives a flying flag .com

Sign your name across my heart

Clothing ceremony

the snow globe stadium


rug beach soccer stadium

Plastic von hemp

Ministry of smiles

Mururoa Hotel

Spaceship win a prize

The biggest team on earth

,,,and more.

My house greymouth on the hill .jpg

The house that had me dream , that was worth millions, back in 1985 to 1987.

Last I heard last month, is that it's up for sale. You should see what they've done to the place. Click on my old house, opens into another page and makes you dream like we have ;-)

Screenshot_2021-01-20 Lady Gaga ( ladygaga) Twitter.png
Screenshot_2021-01-20 Jacinda Ardern ( jacindaardern) Twitter.png
Screenshot_2021-01-20 Barack Obama ( BarackObama) Twitter.png
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