A businessman on Linkedin asked me ''about myself'' and when I told him a few truths, he replied: "is that all?"

Frankly, I know not a single individual who's achieved and done the things I've done with the given tools and / or money or lack of.

In the knowledge of what I have done, I look forward to do it all again but on a much bigger scale.

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Wrap your head around this:

From an empty shop, with a vision and $200, the place has seen many owners since but it's: Open and over 38 years old, outperforming all the others and the oldest in town.now.

In all, three Pizzerias, a Catering business that saw me enjoying 70% standing ovations, a backpackers hostel for which one phone call was good for two years solid but casual business, and while in between businesses and on the dole, I managed to raise six million dollars in starting capital for Tourism, in under seven months, way back in 1987. This Prospectus ended up at a well known Business faculty in the USA and to this day is on file as a classic example of success.

Early '90's in Christchurch: I won the Best Radio Commercial in New Zealand which turned out to be a World Record, since NZ had the most radio stations per capita: 25 to 1.

I got too busy and 'should have' told my customers: 'we're full'...and make bookings instead. My neighbours' businesses increased by 50% as the result of radio advertising success, so Frits the great Dane told me.

Fast forward to 2012, after a year email ping-pong with various at Disney, I managed to get a 25 minutes phone call with one Universal ThemeParks' CEO.

Due to the #MeToo foundation, he's been removed but his P.A. was still answering my email last year.

With this confidence and with my Goodwill in one New Zealand region, I discussed my next business, just last February.

So; watch this space.

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On a more personal level:

Moving from Holland to New Zealand, was a free flight from Amsterdam to Nelson (even got a Welcome to New Zealand Mr. van Leeuwen. Here's $20, go and enjoy a Beer. (Given by the Dutch embassy) .

Our Twins & # 3 were born in the 1990's.

This resulted in taking a seat at the table as one of the foundation's trustees of the Father and Child Trust.

1998 as a youth soccer coach with a 50-50 team from two different clubs' left-overs, I turned them into unbeaten champions plus the two top-scorers.

During the handing-out of Trophies to the individual players I had this light bulb moment for the perfect football shirt, fit for champions and any club and any player.

So much so that my prototypes were shown to the national award winning media & marketing manager at newly crowned Dutch champions PSV Eindhoven and his responses (in writing too) were priceless, like a blank-cheque.

Which led to registering a Trading Mark, numerous dot coms & copyrights for what they're worth.

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