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A businessman on Linkedin asked me ''about myself'' and when I told him a few truths, he replied: "is that all?"

I've since registered a dot com that relates to LinkedIn's: Brabantine City Row [.com]. ,,,, LinkedIn will be directing traffic to my Brabantine City Row site without them realizing we are piggy-backing them. Much like my which Red Bull sponsors in France. ...welcome to New Caledonia when I've gone full circle.

Who else knows the feeling when they say Yes to your multi million dollar ideas? ...not once but numerous times?!


A Business college in the USA has my 1987 business plan on file as a success story since 1987, for which I raised millions indeed.

Frankly, I know not a single individual who's achieved and done the things I've done with the given tools and / or money or lack of.

In the knowledge of what I have done, I look forward to do it all again but on a much bigger scale.

My Goodwill was worth nz$880 million, not long ago.

Now raising the starting capital, via 808 franchises, during a 48 hour event in 2024.

Any Green-Brands, Philanthropists, NGO's, Clubs, Teams, Schools, Govt. Dept. , countries, cities, Mayors and leaders that wish with a social responsible heart,

or even local and global celebrities; if you play your cards right, this may not cost you any money.


Planning this Next one for 2024,

2 x 24 hours, February 29th


marcel pizza bonzai .JPG

Some of the dot coms and see if you can get your head around these:

Who gives a flying flag .com

Sign your name across my heart

Clothing ceremony

the snow globe stadium


rug beach soccer stadium

Plastic von hemp

Ministry of smiles

Mururoa Hotel

Spaceship win a prize

The biggest team on earth

My house greymouth on the hill .jpg
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Screenshot_2021-01-20 Jacinda Ardern ( jacindaardern) Twitter.png
Screenshot_2021-01-20 Barack Obama ( BarackObama) Twitter.png
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