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,,,when they talk about your copyright commodity on Amazon or AliExpress, regardless of six confidentiality agreements, in various countries,,, it's when you protect what you have, and make it so that these commodities belong to every one.

103,3 million views of that good looking Footpool table with my stolen-copyright FootPool balls, is confirmation, to remain secret about a few other plans and actions. My mate Dean's very first reaction upon seeing a footpool ball: oh, that's gonna get stolen.

i rest my case :)

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August 27th we registered Mururoa Hotel dot com

martin luther king.jpg
the Prototype Car.
(needs work ;-) in seven places)

24 dot coms,

56 story boards lead to,

a T.M. ,

to and from New Zealand*,

to a global network,

of 808 franchisees and that's just the foundation, when ,,,

*We're going to be busy 24-7

...and we shall use all and any code of Football as the Vehicle to reach any community, anywhere.

Reefton auto.jpg
Mururoa 2.jpg

The Earth needs a ReBoot up her Axle.

In the spirit of this song that was sung by the World Cup 2002 football players, I will set up that biggest team on earth and you can not only dream at playing large but play indeed.

I will ask you to: lift the cup and pass it on!

The song comes with the lyrics and various languages.

Enjoy and see if you recognise any of the players in this video.

Cheers, Marcel

As I am getting ready to create a crowd fund project, I would like to invite you (if you are 18+) to put your name down, to be one of only 5,500 people to receive an invite for this project.

Only the first part, including you, will be a crowd fund project.

It also means that you will be interactive which relates back to your return on investment and there are choices to make as to how you would like your return on your minimal investment.

There are categories for us to invite in the first place once 5,500 people have joined me:




social responsible companies,



or suitable individuals with an excellent credit rating who wish to get into this business that will be on offer.

Go to the contact page and put your name down.

See you soon, Marcel

(p.s.: Politics and Religion are excluded, period)

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