A mediocre Italian club asked an Arab football player to play for them, offering a rich contract.

His reply, was priceless:

"Why would I play for money?"

Yo, Master Card, are you in the house?

IF ,,, if you could swing-it, to have your team play in the FIFA Club World Cup,

and I'm telling you, you could;

Would you?

That's my promise in the big picture, for Charity FC

a Million bucks says we will make it happen ♥

You'll pick the first Franchise on offer under T&C.

We are going to raise nz$880 million, with you.

the blue print ; ,,, she asked when she understood:

'''what if we raise too much money?'''



We are Counting down:

Crowd Founding Members are invited shortly for Round one,

Crowd funding, via New Zealand's platform, the success story '''Pledgeme'''.

The Headline will be something like:

'''Watch what happens when life gives you lemons.'''




From your $4,69 to my 2013 registered Trade Mark.


These Crowd Founding members  will have a seat, as one collective, around the table of the Stewardship that has sprung from my so called;


We shall be using Football as the Vehicle to reach:

"any community around the world."

A meeting with Dutch club PSV Eindhoven confirmed my successful commodities and the response was as good as,

as a Blank-Cheque.

and I'm about to present them and everybody with the result of what I'm going to do with that Blank Cheque.

When your successful commodities, signed off in at least six countries with a NDA and one* of those commodities still makes it to Aliexpress & Youtube as a copycat, has me withholding the other two and I've created a strategic foundation to combat copy-cats for anything else we shall be doing.

*  the Footpool Balls have my copyright ©

my logo is on your keyboard:

! i !

Ever thinking of a bloody good idea?

Get a Prototype!

all in all, as part of my TM & Charity FC,foundation,there are some 24 registered dot coms. One of those, as an example, is

Plastic Von Hemp .com

A glorious brand name with a purpose 2nd to none and "added value on so many levels beyond plastic."

Open to offers for Plastic Von Hemp .com at $ ,,, x,,,,, .=  (try me)

the Charity FC  (prototype-) Roadshow Car.

Fundraising with joy, happiness, a smile and everyone WINS  

Using Football as the Vehicle to take to any community, where needed.

who follows me on twitter? Click HERE or on arsenal's 


! i !

The first move and first steps have been taken for this corner stone and stepping stone in the journey that's been Charity FC for some time now, Trade Mark and all:


Some ten years ago while plotting my world domination with my football stuff, I came across this:

One Million Dollar Prize to Play for,

in Russia.

*Watch this space*

Ready to recruit ...are you Ready?

the crack you see in the driveway is a scar from the 2011 earthquakes.

Christchurch is covered in these + +

In the spirit of this song that was sung by the World Cup 2002 football players, I will set up that biggest team on earth and you can not only dream at playing large but play indeed.

I will ask you to: lift the cup and pass it on!

The song comes with the lyrics and various languages.

Enjoy and see if you recognise any of the players in this video.

Cheers, Marcel

As I am getting ready to create a crowd fund project, I would like to invite you (if you are 18+) to put your name down, to be one of only 5,500 people to receive an invite for this project.

Only the first part, including you, will be a crowd fund project.

It also means that you will be interactive which relates back to your return on investment and there are choices to make as to how you would like your return on your minimal investment.

There are categories for us to invite in the first place once 5,500 people have joined me:




social responsible companies,



or suitable individuals with an excellent credit rating who wish to get into this business that will be on offer.

Go to the contact page and put your name down.

See you soon, Marcel

(p.s.: Politics and Religion are excluded, period)

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