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the Sigh of Life! : Hypothermia's first aid.

a long forgotten methods that could've saved many lives over the years.

...just hear me out for a minute:

but first this tragic intro:

In 2003, 40 years old Mrs. Merle O'Brien died of hypothermia in and at Cavestream, Canterbury.

The cave was closed there after, to the public for many years..



here's the true story first aid, as experienced by us:

...It was about three months earlier, before the tragic story above.

when I jumped to the rescue of a young German/Kiwi school kid, who "Froze" at the very same spot: it was dark, freezing cold water ; and add panic and screams from two full classes of primary school pupils, parents and teachers from Discovery1 school from Christchurch.

Here's how I potentially saved this kid from near death from Hypothermia:: if 'on Auto Pilot' I placed my mouth over the child's ear

From deep within my gut, by the time the 37 degrees air is released from the mouth it's likely to be 31 degrees. Doctor agreed*.

(try not to blow cold air from the mouth!)

I've since called it "the Sigh of Life" ©

At that time I was an Occupational Therapy Instructor in Mental Health for the CDHB in New Zealand,

so, I took my findings to E&A surgeon Dr. Than at Christchurch hospital who agreed:

'it's like 'tricking the brain', he said.

He soon introduced me to other doctors on duty and shared the fact that I had 'probably saved this kid's life'...the Gods must have had it in for this child as their house burnt down later on, late Christmas Eve.and he had to climb out the window.

-true story bro.-

cheers, Marcel L. N. van Leeuwen


...if in doubt, see Graeme Russell on twitter via @AdAgeBusiness

He'll soon tell you about his grandfather and how during World War 1 they used this method. ...

copyright © 2002 - 2022 New Zealand

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