We are going to Vlog 100 people dot com

This will be a massive project that I've worked on,

as a Hobby.

Now I'm close to turning this into a business, with a Trade Mark, various commodities, to aid communities, schools, charities, the climate while having fun and fundraising while we're at it.

One lady who helped with the copy-writing for one Project within, when she understood the whole concept, asked:

'"What happens if you raise too much money?'"

! i !

To Potential Entrepreneurs with a PHD in Experience, will be asked at the event in the Evoluon :

The Franchise or the Money .[ com ]?


The Money or the Franchise .[ com ]?

Yes, there is a difference.

At the end of the event, there will be 808 investors in one zoom,

and / or in the Evoluon's Room.

The Trade Mark and the commodities will be  explained,

via the crowd fund campaign.

My aim is a dual-mirror-campaign with Holland and New Zealand., to lay the foundation to aid Climate & Charities.

! i !

Follow me on Twitter.

By doing so, you help justify why at least three ex or current Prime Ministers follow me, one ex President (one girl said: "our president follows you! "

(no not Trump, no),

furthermore a bunch of soccer clubs, corporates,  artists,  journalists, numerous CEO's & individuals and

Organisations. such as UNICEF & Amnesty International.

! i !

I feel rather blessed.

(and I ain't religious)

Speaking of which:

collective religion & politics are excluded


*Watch this space*

Seven years ago in a private message with Jacinda Ardern, I had a vision and shared this with her.

I rest my hard-case ☺

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